Sunday, May 31, 2009

A deep breath

Gorran Haven toward Mevagissey/Chapel Point.
Mmmmmm sandy. Lottie loved it.

Chapel Point from Mevagissey.
This morning we woke up really early and by 7.30am we were walking from Ovingdean to the windmill at Rottingdean, it was idyllic. Clear blue sky, rich dark blue sea, boats setting out from the Marina. The Skylarks were in full song and zipping about, we also saw Swallows. Really the best way to start a sunny Sunday.
M was still on holiday this week (up to Thursday) so we have had a chance to recover from all the holiday travelling and trauma of our return....a bit.
J has been busy - mates and cousins to play, stories to write and a massive swimming trip yesterday.
M has rediscovered his love of painting and his artist watercolours have been dusted off and me...?
Well, reading, knitting, crochet and spinning have all been dipped into this week but with nothing concrete to show for any of them really. But it has been relaxing.
And relaxing is just what I intend for the rest of today too.


Batty said...

Vacation is about relaxation, not about having results to show for it. Sounds like you did it right.

Anonymous said...

oh it looks sooo beautiful! such a shame you had a load of crap when you got back :( hope things are starting to look up - was sorry to miss you guys in the park last friday so hopefully see you this week!