Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Marmite - the spider not the spread!

Our spider tanks are thick glass, with a very heavy duty metal mesh for an air vent. Yesterday the smallest, youngest spider, Marmite, decided he didn't like his tank and tried to eat his way out via the mesh! Neither hole was big enough for him to get through but if M hadn't seen what he was up to, they might have become big enough.
So Marmite had to be moved into a bigger, plastic tank with no chewable bits.

He's been exploring his new home all night.

He's still a handsome boy(?).


Jon - easyknitter said...


A Spider can chew through metal? OMG!

He is a handsome boy... and a great name... I LOVE MARMITE :-)

Kim Green said...

I must agree with you Peri, he is an extremely gorgeous guy!!