Monday, June 15, 2009

I said "No more."

But I do miss Lou-Lou so much. I have all the positive reasons memorised, I repeat them to myself as a mantra, but I miss being a Dalmatian owner.

They are such a wonderful breed of dog, so much personality, so very funny, loving and full of naughty.

I adore my Lottie and she does help fill the void, but 14 years is a long time to get over.

I am so torn.

Must repeat my mantra.....must repeat my mantra.

"No big jobbies to clear up, no getting barged down the stairs, no white hairs all over everything, no big dog farts, no big jobbies to clear up, no getting barged down the stairs, no white hairs........"

It's not working!


Jo said...

encouraging noises from the jelly camp, go on go on go on go on go on!

Anonymous said...

I want to say Go On too, but I suppose it depends whather you'd be doing it 'cos you miss Loobles or because you actually want another big dog. Only you know! (but puppies are sooooo cute!)

Batty said...

I don't believe we "replace" pets -- we can't. They're unique, just like people. But we can give another living being in need of a loving home just that -- love, food, warmth, companionship. And dogs have a way of paying you back.

DeltaDawn said...

It's pretty remarkable that you end up missing dog farts... but I know I would. 14 years is a looooong time - I grew up with one that made it that long and she was a year older than me! Sneding warm energies.

SiressYorkie said...

If you miss a friend, you miss a friend. Time doesn't affect that, nor does logic. Stop beating yourself up, lovey...grief doesn't have a time table. You mourn in your own time with no expectations.