Wednesday, June 03, 2009


M has just gone to collect Lou-Lou's ashes from the vets - why is this part making me sadder than the actual putting her to sleep? Is it the finality of it? Or am I just getting soppier by the minute?

Been crippled by migraine the last couple of days - I know it's hormonal but this months is worse than usual. This morning I lost my peripheral vision in my left eye all I could see was zig-zag,white light holograms. I've felt sick and washed out all day. It feels like it's starting to pass which most likely means the next stage, crippling cramps and mega grouchiness, is about to hit - deep joy!

Am knitting a bit when my head eases, finished a 'Shur'tugal' sock this afternoon, have cast on for numero 2. I love the pattern but it's been a slow knit as I can't knit it when distracted for some reason. Also knitting 'Summer' socks from Cookie A's book - nice pattern, easy to remember, started Monday and am on final pattern repeat for leg of sock 1, so not bad progress but apart from socks that's about it.....I slow down when it's hot. Still also distracted by books....James Patterson is distracting and addictive, the naughty man.


SiressYorkie said...

That is one fierce oncoming migraine. Is there nothing you can do to prevent it? Or is the cure worse than the pain?


Mitchypoo said...

I understand I think how upsetting it is about Lou-Lou. I felt that way too about my beloved Simba. And I've also been battling a migraine today! They are just awful. Have you ever tried feverfew tea? It seems to help. Hope you feel better soon.

Batty said...