Wednesday, June 10, 2009

All aboard the Skylark

T'was a misty, moisty morning......actually it was grey and rainy, as you can see.

Every morning we walk a particular path from Ovingdean to the windmill at Rottingdean, it's a lovely walk with gorgeous views and is exceedingly peaceful. At the end of one path there is a cabbagey looking plant that a skylark uses as a look out post. We get very close before he leaps away singing......
Not the best pictures, the light was crap this at 7.30 this morning but he is there if you look carefully.

J came with us today and was amazed at just how much wildlife is about when it's early and quiet. We heard the baby Skylarks calling from their nests. We saw unusual snails, slugs, bunnies and a Cinnabar moth - I have never seen on before - it's wings are almost fuchsia with grey markings, it's body looked black, pretty amazing little bug.
Sadly we didn't manage a full walk as the drizzle turned to a downpour so we headed back early, still was worth getting a little wet for.


pieandsunshine said...

sounds gorgeous! I was up stupidly early this morning (5.15!) as I couldn't sleep, but all I could hear were seagulls :D

Batty said...

Beautiful pictures! I simply love how all colors seem to glow against a dark gray sky.