Monday, June 08, 2009

A relaxing time

We had a lovely relaxing weekend. Lottie had lovely downland walks and chose the suede beanbag to recover on.

J went off swimming and for a massive playfest with his cousins, which gave M and I an afternoon off from parenting. We went out to afternoon tea, lovely. We also went to a local farm shop and bought some goodies for a wonderful supper for two - ate far too much!

Lots of gardening, (M, not me. Plants wither at the sight of me) lace knitting and relaxing. Really nice and peaceful. We also found two massive toads in the garden and traces of Hedgepig poo, we've not had Hodgehegs in the garden for years. So, at the moment we are getting Squirrels, Hoggies, Badgers and Foxes - Springwatch eat your heart out - lol.

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