Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Woolfest pt 1.

I travelled up to Cockermouth with Jo of Limegreenjelly fame, to help her run hers and Jon's (Easyknits http://www.easyknits.co.uk/ ) stall. The best way to describe the whole experience, in a nutshell, is - hot and sheepy.

I didn't take any photos of stalls and shit mainly cos I was just too dang hot and too dang tired. The same goes for scenery, though I must say I think it is one of the most beautiful parts of the UK I have ever seen. Truly breathtaking.

I have taken pictures of my shopping (I was quite good). I decided before going that I was 'NOT' buying yarn - I didn't.....not even a skein.....not even one of Jon's delicious bamboo/merino ones!

I did however finally buy a ball winder. Bliss. No more winding for an infinity when it's lace weight. I bought it from Sara's Texture Crafts (www.sarasTextureCrafts.com) they had the stall next to ours and seemed lovely peeps - she has some lovely stuff, so it's worth checking out her site.

I also bought this silk from Oliver Twists (they can be found at www.rainbowsilks.co.uk or www.cottonpatch.co.uk among others) . It is almost too gorgeous to describe - it smells divine and best of all it was half price!!

I just fell in love with this batt. It's from www.FeltStudioUK.etsy.com. A blend of hand carded merino, kid mohair,viscose and sparkle. She had really beautiful fibres, unusual and stunning colours but this one just sang out to my heart.

I got this 21 micron merino from Jo (the aforementioned www.limegreenjelly.com) and in almost the same colour way I also got 70/30% merino/silk .

I love this (am already spinning it on the Traveller). It's Masham x Shetland fibre and came from fibre@willoalpacas.com. It spins beautifully and smells really good for pure wool fibre. This lady had an amazing stall - so much good stuff and she kindly lent us some Blutack and liked my haircut - lol.
All the stall holders seemed really friendly. The organisers were helpful. The event was very well run. And on Saturday night the ladies running the kitchen (the auction house has its own cafe and bar) saved my vegetable deprived weekend by having a broccoli, tattie and cheese bake on the menu - served with fresh veggies too - it was wonderful. I was so tired and so hungry by then, it hit the spot 100%.
I had a great time and am pleased I went. Bumped into some old friends, met Internet peeps in person and made some new ones. But oh boy I am glad to be home with air conditioning! I got back around 3.00pm Sunday, which was J's 12th birthday. I missed him and M so much, it was like loosing my right side. Have had lots of boy hugs, hubby hugs, rubby purrs from Conks and kissy lickies from Lotsie and am just starting to feel like me again.

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