Sunday, June 14, 2009

Flowers, fibre and furries.

Gorgeous roses from M. I adore flowers. I also adore the fact that after almost 22 years of marriage I still get flowers on a regular basis.

Conkers McBonkers loves this perch in Ma's lounge. It has a ringside view of the bird table and he is compiling a Pigeon cookbook.....bit worried about the Pigeon Surprise though.
Lottie has a ringside seat for Conkers watching too.

Merino/silk fibre spun and Navajo plied. Colour is called 'Libra' it is a loud pink, yellow, orange and a almost green mix -works though. I like hot loud colours mixed together. Spun about 100g have another 300g left to go.
Yesterday was WWKIP or in our case WWKASIP - World Wide Knit and Scoff in Public. There was cake galore - we are blessed with wonderful bakers in our part of the knitting world. There was chocolate marble cake, courgette & lemon cake, brownies, ginger cake and cheese scones (plus on the Friday knit for D,C &A there was red velvet cake - which was sublime). Other peeps bought nibbles so we had a mega scoff-a-knitathon. Wonderful.
Today M has gone to LIMS. I got all my chores (housework & ironing)done by 8.15am so I have the rest of the day to please myself. J is busy with 'boy' knitting here I come.


Annie said...

That spinning looks as delicious as all the cakes yesterday! (But less fattening)

Batty said...

Flowers are lovely! I think I got them twice... and the second time, our cats tried to eat them.

I love the Silk/Merino! It's such a nice color -- rich, but for some reason, it's registering as neutral, at least for me... it will be very pretty knit up.

Mitchypoo said...

Those flowers are gorgeous and I love it too that M is such a wonderful guy. You lucky lady!