Monday, June 22, 2009

Hair we go

I buzzed my hair again yesterday, 9mm all over and 6mm at the edges. This is the 3rd time I've done it, takes about 20 mins in total. I still have very mixed feelings....

The Pros

It takes seconds to deal with.
No bed head in the morning - just a slightly flattened coconut effect.
It is 100% natural colour - lots of grey, white and brown mixed.
No dying of the roots every 3/4 weeks.
It's in great condition.
No overheating when it's hot.
No hair stuck to my lippy when it's windy.
No gel or styling at all evar!

The Cons

It still feels alien.
I feel less feminine.
I kind of miss my hair and faffing with it.
I hate growing it out - hence keep buzzing it, it gets to a certain (doormattish) length which I hate so I buzz it again - vicious cycle.
I miss going to see Simon for a 'do' cos he is the best kind of nutter and cutter.
I know I'm getting bored with it - I could dye it a wacky colour - but still have the urge to grow it out grey and see what it looks like.
I've never liked what 'I' see in the mirror - I like it less now - too much face.

Oh well at least it will easy to deal with when I go away later this week - don't even need to pack a comb.


Mitchypoo said...

I'd love to see a pic, I bet you are lovely.

Jenny Leggings said...