Friday, September 18, 2009

Socks for Em

Even more knitting.....OMG could this be turning back into a blog about knitting.
Anyhoo, I knit these Plain Ole Vanilla Socks for my niece.
Knit on 2.75mm circs using Hot Socks - Dream, purchased from the lovely little 'WoolBar' in Worthing.
Pattern is my own aiming for a UK size 6, I was slightly corrupted by the wisdom of Wibbo to try an afterthought heel. She (as usual) was so right. I love this method - so easy, neat and cool.
They are all washed, blocked and ready to cosy up Em's toes through the winter.


Wibbo said...

Oh, good - another afterthought heel convert! J x

Dawny said...

ooh I love those :-)