Thursday, December 17, 2009

Robin's Song

Robins sang in England,
Frost or rain or snow,
All the long December days
Endless years ago.

Robins sang in England
Before the Legions came,
Before our English fields were tilled
Or England was a name.

Robins sang in England
When forests dark and wild
Stretched across from sea to sea
And Jesus was a child.

Listen! in the frosty dawn
From his leafless bough
The same brave song he ever sang
A robin's singing now.

Rodney Bennett.

A bit less cynical but kind of apt for the time of year.

This poem is from an children's anthology given to me in 1979 for Easter by my Mum. It is called 'Time's Delights' and the poems were chosen by Raymond Wilson. It covers weather, seasons, hours and festivals and has gorgeous illustrations. Even now 30 years on I still love this book and often turn to it. It helped fuel my love of poetry and I hope it has done the same with J.

*** edited to say you can still get this book 2nd hand from Amazon - cheapest copy is 1p, a really tip-top is £13.99 - wow- that's so cool.

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