Tuesday, December 08, 2009


To-day there have been lovely things
I never saw before;
Sunlight through a jar of marmalade;
A blue gate;
A rainbow
In soapsuds on dishwater;
Candlelight on butter;
The crinkled smile of a little girl
Who had new shoes with tassels;
A chickadee on a thorn apple;
Empurpled mud under a willow,
Where white geese slept;
White ruffled cutains sifting moonlight
On the scrubbed kitchen floor;
The under side of a white-oak leaf;
Ruts in the road at sunset;
An egg yolk in a blue bowl.

My love kissed my eyes last night.

May Thielgaard Watts (fl.1920's).


Wibbo said...

Lovely! Even more so because of a little sunshine this morning :o)

Allie said...

That's really lovely, Peri.