Thursday, July 08, 2010

What's on the needles? Catch up.

Remiss of me not posting here, but I am on holiday and time is whizzing by.....whoosh!

I had a bad case of startitus and really have too much on the go - but I will get to them all in time - nothing I want to frog, just a case of needing to sit and manage my time and projects (yeah right?!).

M's plain ole vanillas - 1 down (hurrah) number 2, ribbing done and about an 1" of leg
Gifty socks - (secret ones) sock 1, leg almost done.

Did loads on this but have put back in the cupboard for now until I get some stuff of the needles.

Ruffle mittens - Glove 1 - half way through the thumb gusset. Using some CTH in Champlain Sunset which was a birthday gift from Emma and Jamie, gorgeous, gorgeous colourway.

Banderilla details of design here- I was awaiting a missing ball of yarn from GK (on back order) they got it to me for the start of the holiday so I have knit all the rib, body is knit in one piece, so it's a lot of rib and am now on start of st-st.


Orenburg - still going strong but such fine yarn on little needles (2.5mm) takes time to grow also I need a quiet house for this - but I always had it as a long term project.

Anthemion - ditto the above - lace knitting is difficult for me so I go slow - it is growing - just finished 2nd repeat of chart B.

Cozy - mine is looking a little tatty so I'm making a replacement for winter as it is cozy and I love wrapping myself in it. Using some Manos silk blend that I had left (about 2.75 skeins).

And that's it.

Have also done some patchwork, some needlepoint and a lot of reading - I do knit less when it's warm.

Spinning - nothing since last post.

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