Sunday, November 07, 2010

Fell off the yarn diet wagon.....whoops.

 All the yarn that I've acquired recently has come through swaps. I haven't purchased yarn for personal use for months - but I've had some wonderful swaps. But yesterday I succumbed,
This is unique hand dyed sock yarn from Wibbo's Works in the colourway Serpentine. These are good photos  but they really don't do it true justice.

Wibbo was at a community craft show locally as part of the Brighton Craft Guerrilla and she had some of her lovely yarn for sale....the rest is history. I am lucky enough to have a few of her skeins in my stash and they are all lovely and they are dyed so evenly with rich complementing colours.

If you haven't visited the Brighton Craft Guerrilla blog - do it now. They have awesome inspiring ideas and are a bunch of very talented crafty ladies ....and who knows if they do another show you may be lucky enough to get your paws on some of Wibbo's lovely yarn.


Wibbo said...

Thank you, Peri, glad you like the yarn! :o)

Batty said...

Are you trying to make me fall off the wagon too? That yarn is beautiful. I don't dare visit the blog. I can tell bad things are going to happen if I do.