Monday, December 20, 2010

The art of hibernation

The babies had the right idea this morning, they went out, did what they had to do, jumped on our bed and stayed there all snuggled up together. I had to use the 'b' word (biscuits) to get them off so I could make it.

It is weird living where I do. People say (kind of  jokingly) that we have our own micro-climate and when it snows this, actually, is true.

M is on the road today and once you are out of where we live it's fine and he's able to get about but I look out of the window and all I can see is snow. Out over the Downs and down to the sea. The Close is snowed in and even the busier roads are still slippy and slushy. Yet the other side of the Race Hill is like a different world.

It isn't just snow though - we get thick fog and the rest of Brighton is sunny and then next time Brighton has thick coastal fog and we have sunshine - it is very bizarre.

I have decided though, that as my damaged knee is very swollen and sore at the moment, that until the pavements are clear I am staying put. I have nowhere I have to be or have to go today, so I will follow the dogs example and spend today perfecting 'the art of hibernation'.

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