Friday, December 31, 2010

Last one of the year

Farewell 2010, you have had more than your fair share of suckage and I am happy to see you go on your merry way to memoryville.

It has been a mixed bag  this year - lots of plodding, a few ups and a few downs - but mainly ploddage. I don't mind that, better that than loads of bad. But it seems so long since it's been a higher % of ups over plod or downs.

Here's hoping that 2011 will let us scale new peaks with very limited plummets and not too much plodding.

I have a good feeling about it and am in a positive frame of mind which I think helps.

Don't really make resolutions - cos I can't keep them - cos I am weak, feeble and unable to resist temptation. But, I have a few changes that I want to 'try' and include on a regular basis.....

1) Write more.
2) Practice my music more.
3) Try hard to use my yarn stash and stick to the 2010 principle of minimal yarn buying.
4) Attempt the sock a month thing again.....I did do it but didn't stick to the patterns and yarn I chose.
5) Read 52 books in a year.
6) Continue fighting my agoraphobia - it almost beat me a couple of months back and we thought I might need more help again but I am fighting back again (it is very hard to admit this) and I do feel more able to cope better right now.
7) Talk less - listen more - well you've got have one impossible one.
8) Recognise the happiness in my life when it's staring me in the face.
9) Get less stressed about other peoples stupidity.
10) Be kinder to others.

Happy New Year to anyone who reads this - thanks for sticking with it. I hope 2011 brings you peace, hope and joy. xxxxx


Anonymous said...

Happy new Year Peri, hope 2011 is a good one!

Batty said...

There's a reason talking less isn't on my list for 2011... it would never work.

May 2011 treat all of us better than 2010 did.