Friday, July 20, 2012

Books 64-68

The Essence of my Being - by Jean Price.
Format - Kindle

Interesting story concept but (sadly there is a but) they story jumps about too much, instead of following an idea through it charges off at a tangent - as does the heroine - this gives a disjointed feeling. That said though, it is a good book and I would happily read its sequel. Perhaps the author was trying to give a headlong, breathless, youthful feel to her narrative to reflect the youth of the heroine but I feel I may be being kind here.

Sexy in Stilettoes - by Nana Malone
Format - Kindle

This book does what 50 Shades of Yawn attempts to do - but with less effort and with a better story. Very sexual but without leaving  you feeling as if it is trying to shock more than thrill. It is quite well written too. Again it isn't a book that really leaves me with a sense of 'Oh wow, must read more' but it was good enough and fairly enjoyable and the sex scenes were much hotter (imho) and less Zzzzzz inducing. Would read another by this author but probably not for a while.

Hunter (A Custodaie Novel) - by C.W. Nash
Format - Kindle

Now this I liked. The author does take a while to set the plot of his story (maybe a bit too long - you keep waiting for the axe to fall) but that doesn't take anything away from the idea behind the story or the plot. It keeps a good pace and although the illness suffered by the hero is a very emotive one for me it worked within the storyline and gave the whole vampire/villain idea a new twist. Look forward to its follow up.

Minerva and The Taming of Annabelle (The Six Sisters) - by M C Beaton
Format - Kindle

Everything that you expect from this author. Better than the last book I read by her (Emily goes to Exeter). Although these books have less substance than the froth on your coffee I quite enjoyed them, that could be because I love the Regency period of history or it could because that are a light, historical romp with a dash of naughty, a smidge of romance, a ice cube of fashion and twizzle stick of tongue in cheek. Don't know if I'd read all six (wouldn't at full price - these two were daily deals at 99p each) but if they came my way at a discount then I'd wouldn't turn them down.
Great holiday reading - quick too - read both in a couple of afternoons.

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