Thursday, July 19, 2012

Crochet crazy

 I love the crochet hexagon throw I made for my bedroom chair. So much so, that I am making a 2nd one to cover the seat.
 Here is the progress on throw number 2 - fairly slow but getting there.
 Finished hexagons - some edged in black ready to add to the throw.
Hexagons are so simple to make. Make a 7 chain and join it with a slip stitch.
 Chain 3 (which equals the 1st treble ...using UK terms here) then make 17 trebles into the centre of the loop (I crochet in the my ends as I go).
 Join the trebles with a slip stitch and chain 3. Make 1 treble then into next stitch, 1 treble, chain 2, 1 treble - this makes a corner. You need 2 trebles between each corner and 6 corners in total.
 Join with a slip stitch, chain 3 and this time make 4 trebles then a corner etc - all the way round.
 Keep going until you have the size hexagon you want.
I use double crochet to edge mine - 1 double for each treble and 3 doubles per corner.
Then using doubles again add to the the throw.

Perfect use for odds of sock yarn and pretty too.

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