Friday, August 17, 2012


Would you hate the person I’ve become?

Would you even know me?

Could you see the child that I was?

Or would you hear my inner voice that calls to you?

Would we stand like strangers without words?

Would the silence all about us start to grow?

Could we find some common ground

Or just feel awkward with each other and then go?

The time that’s passed has changed me beyond measure,

Life has etched it passage on my face,

Trials have warped and bent and wounded me

But the love I held for you never lessens.

I wish that we could have just a moment

Just one, to reach out across the void.

I wish that we had taken time to say the things

That needed to be said that other time.

My anger has lessened now and is faded

That you left me when I still had need of you

Wishing for the past will never change this

But I am still the person that you knew.


Joanna said...

beautiful words x

Joanna said...


Joanna said...