Friday, August 10, 2012

Books 69 -73

Girl with a Pearl Earring - by Tracy Chevalier
Format - Kindle

This is a re-read of a favourite book. I had to get a download though, which peed me off, as the book was not in the book case with all the others by this author, I had lent it to Ma who thought I didn't want it back and donated it to the WI! Still love this book and I never tire of it. It has great imagery and detail and you can almost believe you are there.

Charlotte - Pride and Prejudice Continues - by Karen Aminadra
Format - Kindle

The story of Charlotte Lucas and Mr Collins after P & P ends. It is clever, entertaining and witty. It doesn't detract from P & P at all and answers questions that I had often pondered (I know P&P& Zombies kind of did too - but this is better). I really enjoyed this and read it in an afternoon because it was light, easy and flowed really well.

Chemical Flowers - by Suzanne Reeves and Ian Woodhead
Format - Kindle

This was offered for one weekend as a free download and came up via a connection on FB. This book is a total departure from my normal reading fair being more of a horroresque novel - but a change is as good as a rest they say. I used to read loads of horror as a teen but haven't ever really re found my love of it. This book, I think, is clever and entertaining and not over grisly - it has a good mix of gore and sex with some well written characters who are never really endearing in anyway but seem real - which I liked. It hasn't drawn me back to the genre but it is worth a read for certain and made a nice change for me.

At Long Odds and Keeping the Peace - both by Hannah Hooton
Format- Kindle

Downloaded one free and paid for the other - loved them. Bit of intrigue, bit of humour, bit of romance and horse racing - total winners in my book. Odds on favourites in fact. Nothing to tax the brain but easy as sipping a perfectly chilled glass of white wine. Nice summer evening reading.

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