Monday, September 24, 2012

Books 84 - 89

'The Sign of the Four' and 'Adventures of Sherlock Holmes' by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Format - Audio Book.

Continuing with my plan to read/listen to the whole of Sherlock Holmes. Am loving every second of it and it is helping me through an awful lot of knitting and spinning.

'Whispers Under Ground (Rivers of London)' by Ben Aaronovitch
Format - Kindle

Third book in the is series so far and I loved it. I had read reviews that felt it was more of the same but I actually thought this book was different in some ways because all the characters and the backdrop had been set in place in the first two and this one allowed more of the actual plot to run its course and tell the story without so many explanations - it also carried on the much bigger underlying plot line that was started in the previous books. I look forward to the next one.

'Monday to Friday Man' by Alice Peterson
Format - Kindle.

An OK light read bit predictable for my taste - one good point there was a Scottie called Trouble in it!

'Email from a Vampire' by Nigel Cooper
Format - Kindle

I came across whilst looking at another book in a similar vein, the author had written a review on the other book and had the cheek to basically say - that his book was much better and people would be better off reading his - so I took him at his word. As I didn't read the other book he may be right, his book may be better, but if that is the case, than the other book must have been pretty dire. It was predictable and what could have been a pastiche on 'The Vampire Lestat' became a weak sub story line that seemed rushed and weak. The main plot didn't really bring anything new to the whole vampire genre and none of the main characters had that much depth. It was OK and a light read but I have read far better many  times.

'The Girl who Fed them Bones' by Tim Roux
Format -Kindle.

Meh! Unusual to read a book that leaves me completely cold - but this one did. All the characters seemed weak and self centred and the whole thing was as appetising as a bowl of cold tapioca pudding! *shudders*

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