Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Getting there....slowly

 What have I been doing? Well I got a haircut - finally.
 Been making our Christmas cards.
Knit some mittens with some scraps of my hand spun yarn (the rest was woven into a scarf).

Still plugging on with my reading challenge I am on book 103.

Got stuff on the needles - three shawls and a pair of socks (TV knitting).

Got a mountain of alpaca to spin for a friend - now this is long term and really slow going as I am hand carding as I go because my drum carder doesn't like pure alpaca much. I also have a big bag of black alpaca to spin for me but that will not see the wheel for quite a while.

I also have two projects on my drop spindles - another slow go as I have periods where I love this way of spinning and then I put it in a box and forget it for a while.

The looms are empty right now. As I want to finish up some of my knitting projects before I weave again.

That's about it for blog fodder stuff. Dogs, cat, hubby, kid and spiders are all thriving and life is fairly jolly.

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Anonymous said...

Whoa, busy and productive! :)Helen