Saturday, December 29, 2012

Time for another?

Been busy knitting for others and the whole time I was, I felt an overwhelming need to start some crochet. This is weird because after finishing two fairly long term crochet projects earlier this year, I had had enough of hooky stuff. But I have this lovely colourful collection of Rowan Pure Wool DK from a frogged project and I love this particular square and  the rest as they say "is history." I made the first two squares yesterday and my fingers are itching to make a third.

The block is called 'Square Target' and comes from this wonderful book by the lovely and talented Jan Eaton. The book has wonderful suggestions of colour and design, a great 'how to' section and really easy to follow clear instructions. It is a book that I go back to time and time again and is a worthwhile addition to any yarn crafters library.

I'm sure that my initial enthusiasm will wane and it is my intention that this will be a long term 'pick up and put down' project but at the moment I am loving it.

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