Tuesday, March 05, 2013


What inspires you? What makes you want to do or achieve something? What fills your soul with pure joy that the day just seems better and brighter? I'd really like to know - so comment please.

For me, I find inspiration all over the place. I get inspired by sounds; a piece of music that resonates and quite often by the sounds of nature. Living where I do I hear lots of bird song and can hear the wind rustling through the trees or howling off the sea or the downs. I find inspiration in shapes and colours from art to the landscape and from the way the light dances on the sea. I also find a lot of inspiration from other knitters and crafters and their blogs. Another thing that inspires me is words and language, especially impassioned speaking. Over the weekend I watched Amanda Palmer's TED speech and that was really inspirational. Sometimes a piece of poetry can move me to tears.

I love it when I find something that makes me feel connected or makes me find a way through the fog to achieve an idea. I love the way words spark off other words in my head and I find the drive to write and I can then sit and write for hours just from that one spark.

It irons the creases from my brain and the stress from my spine.

So please tell me, what works for you?

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Anonymous said...

Color inspires me for lots of handwork. A blank sheet of paper inspires me to fill it with writing of some type. (Usually not letter writing but stories.) Colleagues at work when we start discussing ideas...generate ideas. And I read blogs to see what other people are doing. Not that I am ever going to do all the wonderful things I've seen, but it motivates me to get busy with my projects, because, heck, she can finish a sweater in a week...oh wait I'm combining several bloggers into one.... I do have to remind myself there are fast knitters, but not all the FO were done by the same person this week. Thank goodness. So there. Helen