Monday, July 08, 2013

And the reading goes on

Catch up time  - with these added I will have read 59 books so far this year - and although I am not actually doing a '52 in 52' challenge this year and I am now working part time, I am quite happy with that count. So here are the recent additions to my list.

L H Cosway - 'Tegan's Magic' and 'Tegan's Return'
Format - Kindle

Read these back to back (straight after the first one). They are not literary giants but they are very readable for their genre. I've always been a fantasy/sci- fi girl and just get immense pleasure from these kinds of stories. They don't tax the brain, they aren't erudite in any way but they amuse, entertain and keep me turning the pages.

Neil Gaiman - 'The Ocean at the End of the Lane'
Format - Kindle

Had this on pre-order. Saved it for my holiday. Read it in a couple of days. Loved every page. This is the kind of story that you could say was more of a young adult work, it is not as complex or as long say as 'American Gods' but I think anyone of any age could happily read this and be transported. It is weird, quirky and very clever. The ideas and concepts work with an ease and delight that make the book flow beautifully. The characters are well drawn and thought out. The peril is written so that you can understand the way the main character (a  young boy) would feel and empathise with him and the supernatural side is very grounded in some ways, which I think actually makes it have more impact.
Write us more stories Mr Gaiman - you are so very good at it.

Christine Stovell -'Move over Darling'
Format- Kindle

A chick-lit that just didn't work for me. Perhaps it was just me but I got impatient with the story and the characters and found it a slog. There is nothing wrong with it - but it was like a bowl of cold and stodgy porridge for me.

Cassandra Clare - The Mortal Instruments Trilogy
'City of Bones', 'City of Ashes' and 'City of Glass'
Format - Kindle

One of those series that by the time I was a 3rd of the way through book 1, I knew I would be reading the others straight off. Again like the first books in this post, these are not works of great fiction etc, but they are entirely readable.
I am sure picky peeps would review and mention mistakes, and some of them are a little glaring at times, but I lost myself in the story and the characters and just stopped being bothered by them. I want to read for pleasure not nit picking.
Not sure if I will read the 2nd series yet - if I do - it will be later on as I do want to read other things now.

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