Friday, July 19, 2013

Roll on winter

I don't do 'hot'. I dislike summer. I hate hot and humid nights. And I really dsilike the sensation of damp underwear after a long hot day. Sticky tits are the pits!

My thinking is; it is easier to get warm from being cold. Layers of clothes, hot drinks, a warming fire, hot water bottle, and extra blankets....or even a cuddle. You go from cold to cosy. Hot to cool is harder. I don't want to be touched, let alone cuddled when I'm hot. Heat does NOT equate to amorous, in my book, it equates with, 'touch me and I will rip your hands from your wrists and beat you to death with soggy ends'. A cooling drink soon wears off, a fan moves the hot air about and a shower makes the air more humid. Lucky for me, I invested, a couple of years back, in a bloody good air con unit, this week it has been a life saver at night.

My temper remains unpredictable with a bent towards volatile with extreme grump thrown in. This has been proved against Ma, M and J this week. This situation will remain all the while this awful weather continues. I therefore suggest that those who cross my path, stop and think, before telling me it is glorious and they hope it lasts for weeks.....I may not be responsible for my response or actions.

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Wibbo said...

Agree 100%! Serious grumping going on over here in Hove...