Monday, August 08, 2005

For KatieLee

My dear sp asked me to post pictures of where I live. She's in Australia and was curious. So here they are.

I actually live in Woodingdean, which is called a village but I think it is now big enough to be a suburb. We are separated from Brighton itself by Brighton Racecourse, above us is downland, to the otherside (away from Brighton) is downland and below us is Ovingdean Village, Rottingdean Village and then if you carry on heading south, you'll get wet feet as it's all sea until you reach France ;0)

We tried to take pictures of places we pass through, use and got to in our surrounding area.

Hope you like them Katie - is it what you imagined it to be?

I'd like to see pictures of your location now, to make a comparison. I envisage Australia as either beach, bush or red earth. Show me where you live....................... P xx

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Susann said...

What a beautiful landscape! And what a cute idea to show your SP where you live.