Thursday, August 04, 2005

Mrs Tardy signing in

Lots of pictures but very little else, I know, I know..............what can I say but "So."

Anyway I have 5 mins to spare so here's a little catch-up.

Life has been hectic (same old, same old) - on the knitting front - I've completed 2 OSW's and 2 pairs of Fuzzy Feet and very little else. Reading, I've re-read all the Harry Potters including the new one as well as a couple of other books. The new Adriana Trigiana 'Rococo' is well worth a read - I like a feminine book with a male main character - very quirky.

The new pictures posted today - show some lovely flowers received as a thank you from a friend and also the latest dolly addition to the house - talk about a rock chick.

I've also been distracted by a pressie from M - a new toy - an ipod (mini) - I love it. So a lot of computer time has been spent downloading music.

I'm also repainting all the facias on the house that aren't UPVC - I didn't realise it was 14+ years since they've been painted - it's a huge job even though it's only the front and 1 side of the house - urgh.

KatieLee - will post pictures of the area where I live next week - I'd never thought of it before - but now you've planted the idea, I think it's really cool!

That's it for now.

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