Sunday, August 14, 2005


I joined the SparKal (Kal=knit-along) and have just posted my progress so fair. I'm not normally a glittery type of gal but Gundel (Sp 4) sent me some lovely glittery Opal sock yarn as a thank you, the timing was perfect!

So here is a glittery trainer sock complete with pom-pom. Nice pattern from Spun Magazine - though I didn't enjoy the double needle cable cast on :0( much.

The glittery bits don't show up very well - but they're silver and with the sock colours remind me of the night sky.

Progress - have just cast on for sock number 2.

Also I might have caught the glittery bug - Yorkie (Sp3) sent me some glittery crochet weight yarn (some I've used in weaving) but I may have to make a little something else or maybe use KatieLees (Sp4) lovely beads.

Glittrgirl I blame you for making me catch the glitterbug *hehe*

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