Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I feel so ill!

Last night I did a community knitting project talk. The idea is to encourage older women who no longer knit or who never have to go back to knitting or to learn to knit. It went really well! So there I am giving my little talk, teaching knitting and crochet and I felt so hot. I didn't think much of it at the time, it being a warm evening an all.

I got home about 9.30pm ish and still felt hot, put all the fans on, even though M assured me it wasn't hot. Tried to drink a glass of wine, which tasted rank. Tried to read but ached all over and couldn't concentrate. Went to bed, was so cold my teeth were chattering, then so hot I couldn't stand it. My legs, hips, neck and head all ached - yuck!

So today, I feel terrible. Still hot and cold, still aching also now feel sick. So I'm off to flop on the sofa or bed.

I have such a busy 2 weeks coming up - I have to throw this off asap. Virtual ((hugs)), good vibes etc would be much appreciated. *sniff, sniff*


Annie said...

Love the new hair colour Peri - very cool. Hope you're feeling much better soon.
Brave girl to give a talk in public!


(hugs) for peri and also some advice from someone who is often ill and often stressing about what a lot I have to do: don't think about ANYTHING apart from yourself and getting better. That's the best way of getting back on your feet. Don't try and do anything till you feel better or you will soon feel much much worse. OK, lecture over. I'd like to hear more about your talks to the older ladies. I've often thought it would be good to do something like that here in Newcastle, maybe you could tell me more (when you feel better) about how you go about it.

holly said...

Big hugs Peri! Hope you feel better soon. I had a stinking cold last weekend, just flop in front of some crappy TV or a film, drink lots of fluids and eat chicken soup (unless you're vegetarian...then maybe tomato soup).
And if you have the strength, knit too! (though i'm sure that goes without saying!)

peri said...

Thank you all for the virtual hugs and well wishes. I thought I'd shrugged this off in 24hrs but it came back yesterday. Today I feel a bit better so hopefully I'm over the hump so to speak.

Holly - I think chicken soup works because that was all I fancied yesterday :0)