Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I'm back!!

Didja miss me? Nope thought not!

WARNING!!!!!! - Boring holiday photos below.

We had a great time. Glad to be home. A bit travel weary and tired but also very chilled and relaxed from a week of walking, climbing, good food and wine, log fires and in my case sock knitting.

Didn't miss the outside world or the TV at all.

We're still on holiday for the rest of the week - but intend to doss around and take it easy.

Apologies for the misspelling of Dartmoor - below - I'm plum tuckered out and slightly brain dead - hey who shouted out "normal then".

Now I'm off to check that you've all been good bunnies whilst I was gone. Big brother has nothing on me - I have my ways - mwhahahaha.

P.S - although we had no TV J still spent a whole week going on about Dr Who - even seeing barn owls flying everynight didn't distract him from Daleks nor did the bats, squirrels, wild deer, rabbits, buzzards, numerous garden birds, pheasant or Dartmoor ponies. My poor ears!



Beautiful pics Peri! Of course we missed you lady! Check out Glittyknittykitty, those girls have been busy buying yet more dolls! Aaaaah when will it ever end?

Peatbogfaery said...

LOL Peri, how many pages of unread knittyboard posts were there for you to read?

Glad you're back :D