Thursday, September 15, 2005

Off, off & away.

So tomorrow we're off on our hols *hurrah*, no inane babblings for a bit, no piccies of yarn, knitting and dolls with unfeasibley large heads and creepy, follow you about the room eyes. No spider portraits for the squeamish either. Just a blank, empty nothingness until I get home and bore y'all titless with my holiday photos "mwhahaha" *evil laugh*.

Be good while I'm away - nice clean fun now.

Sis - beware, beware the ides of Mother!!! It's your turn for the riotous church stories and witty quips and bitching about her friends and probably us. I hope your giggle muscles are up to it. I find the occasional "mmmmm" and "really" suffice.

See y'all (I use this just to annoy monkee) when I get back.

Wheeeeeee *exits singing happy holiday song*

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Susann said...

Have lots of fun and sunshine and loving.