Monday, December 05, 2005

J's Sweater

Here it is at last. Only four years in the making!
I'm pretty sure I started this around the time J started school (abeit briefly). I got fed up with it and went on a 'knitfree' hiatus. The back was complete and front half done.

A couple of weeks ago I found this in my stash cupboard. It was a tad short. So I unpicked the back castoff, added a couple of inches, lengthened the front and sleeves and voila. Not a bad fit.

It's knitted in Sirdar Legend on 4mm and the textures are all from rib variations. If I'm honest I didn't enjoy the pattern, but it was worth it because J loves it.


Susann said...

Gorgeous! It sure was worth to pick it up again and finish.

Rain said...

It looks great! Well done for getting it finished after all that time.


Nice work matey and it is always inspiring to think that one's own abandoned projects might resurface one day and become something useful and beautiful!

Laura said...

That is a good looking sweater on a good looking boy! I like the changing texture and it fits him well. Great job.

Deb said...

J is such a cutie-patootie.

Jacqui said...

Well done! I really like the texture in the pattern. Nice to (finally) finish an old project isn't it? Kinda like my 26 year scarf... lol

J looks awesome in it, and it's obvious he's happy with it.