Sunday, December 04, 2005

Still here........

but very busy with stuff, hence lack of blogging.

I had S(stash) E (enhancement) X (expedition) yesterday. I bought some fun fur wool *ducks from yarn snob brickbats* I couldn't help myself it was so purty - it looks likes feathers. I also bought some Rowan Big Wool, Kidsilk Haze and Cashsoft DK. And to add to my yarn stash I had a nice delivery of HipKnits silk from the talented Kerrie this week - so soft and beautiful in mauves and pinks *drool*

Other News.

One stickie has moulted and doubled in size.

We are looking/musing over getting another 8 legged buddy (sh don't tell Ma - she'll moan at me).

DH bought me a surprise - the most beautiful dress (a new posh frock). I'm not a dress kinda gal normally but fell for this - exercised great control and didn't buy it. Ahhhh he's such a sweetie.

The cat got another a flea - more Frontline = one very disgruntled cat and dog, as we did her for good measure.

Finished J's sweater (hoobloodyrah) it's now blocking downstairs.

J is still working on geometry with DH - we also looked at fractions and have being doing a lot of stuff about nature and animals. He also finished the book he was reading - he just whizzed through it. (A huge thank you to Penelope for such wonderful books).

I've been out of the house 5+ times this week *gasp* to some that sounds silly - but when you think I didn't leave the house for 11 days, it's a biggie.

Now it's time for a brew and some knitting :0)

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