Thursday, February 19, 2009

Scarf with Clarence Border

Pattern from 'Victorian Lace Today' by Jane Sowerby. Knitted on a 3.75mm circ using 1.5 balls of Rowan KSH in a deep maroon/red colour. I started this last summer and it's been and on and off project. I whizzed though the first and second borders, it was the boring 4 row repeat in the middle that slowed me down.

The ever faithful camping roll is a wonderful tool for blocking long stuff! And Ma's dinning room table is the perfect length even when it's not extended.
Not the best photo but I feel like shit this morning and my sinuses are so inflamed that my head hurts so any pictures at all were an effort.

I haven't decided what to do with this as I don't find KSH easy to wear and originally I thought it would be a gift for someone but I'd be over 6 months late and am not sure on reflection if they ever wear it anyway.

It is perfect for around the shoulders - like an old fashioned tippet - great for summer evenings. I shall ponder it's fate a while longer.
I love the book though and am determined to get some other stuff off the needles so I can make something else from it. I have a plethora of lace yarn to use and my fingers are itching. I am still attempting to keep my WIP's in order and to finish off older stuff.
On the needles at the moment I have....
Sahara - oldest project and it's resting as I have just the sleeves to do and just am not in the mood.
Maja - Like this but it keeps getting put aside as gets more cumbersome to knit.
Mona Socks - got a little bit of 2nd sock syndrome here - did with the first pair I made too.
Tessellating Lace Socks - love it am on foot of sock 1.
Hey Teach - take 2 - another knitting love affair - just had to make a 2nd one and am whizzing up the back.
Rhineback - adore this but oh boy is it heavy to knit - it makes my hands ache and M moans that as I'm using Addi Turbo's that the clicking distracts him. I will finish this but it is a long term project now.
I am also distracted by my spinning at the moment and reading - so am knitting less than normal - I am sure it will balance back the other way soon, it normally does.

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