Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Setting the twist

Annie and Kate told me about severe yarn chastisement to set the twist (I'd not come across this before) so I tried it out, very cathartic.

The above are merino/silk (green) and pure merino silvery grey that needed plying and got my attention over the weekend. I gave them such a beating - I won't tell who or what I was thinking about as I did it.
This is merino from Limegreen Jelly (approx 50g - I have another 50 to spin) which I plied this morning. The picture is pre punishment! It seemed harsh to beat such pretty yarn but I did and it is now hanging, feeling a little warm and sore from a thrashing against the bathroom wall!


Annie said...

Looks good (and feels good too, doesn't it?)

Jo said...

Maybe I'm too soft....I never beat my yarn!

DeltaDawn said...

I LOVE thrashing yarn - it's just always a bit tricky to find a clean spot to smack it against!

Pretty yarn - both colors are lovely and your spinning looks so even!