Wednesday, October 21, 2009


rhinebeck 008
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Started Sept 2008, finished yesterday.....mmmmm took my time. Actually, although I love this and it's a great pattern, clever but easy - no seams to sew, it is very heavy being constructed all in one piece. So the time it took was due partly to it making my hands and wrists ache.

It's a lovely fit and I know I will wear it loads.

Pattern - Rhinebeck by Lisa Lloyd from 'A Fine Fleece'.
Needles 4.5m circs and dpns.
Yarn Cascade 220 - 6 skeins.


Jo said...

For a minute I thought maybe you had been to Rhinebeck last weekend! Great colour, sure it looks smashing on!

DeltaDawn said...

I was also trying to figure out how you went to Rhinebeck!

I love me some Cascade 220 - nice sweater!