Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bath in autumn.

 We didn't actually take that many pictures while we were away.

The weather was lovely and everywhere was infused with autumn colours. The church is St John's - it's not as old as looks but its spire dominates the skyline near the river and it was the church we could see from our room last time we stayed in February. We didn't manage to find it then, so went searching for it this time. As we walked past you could hear the bird of prey that nests/roosts in the belfry calling. And we also managed to be there when the bells peeled. Amazing - no recording of bells here but the real thing - I think they said there were 8 and local bell ringers reckon they are the best in the area.
 This was the view from our hotel window.We spent quite a while watching the fish, ducks and moorhen dabbling about. A huge bird of prey wheeled over head and was mobbed by crows. Even with the traffic sounds (which we're not used to) it was a lovely spot.
 I have a thing for a Weeping Willows and this one is a beauty.
 Watched these guys in the lock (first or last in the flight depending on your direction) - I stated once more "Never again!" But enjoyed watching others do it!
Two of our closest neighbours.

We did other stuff too. Had a lovely time. Relaxing.

Went to my favourite yarn shop. Picked up some supplies for a couple of projects and I also treated myself to enough Cascade 220  to make an Aran knit cardi for the winter. Got some new Knitpro cube shaped needles and some Eucalan wash. I was spoilt for choice with so many yarns but decided not to splurge my budget on sock yarn for change....cos it's not like I haven't got any stashed.

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