Friday, September 09, 2011


 I cannot draw, paint or create art (despite having an O level in the subject) but I do like to doodle. I have spent a few hours this week with my head in my sketch book. Whilst doing so I looked back at what was already gracing (hahahaha) its pages.

I go through phases with doodling sometimes I go years and never touch a pencil and then it hits me, and then it possesses me and other times I just pick it up and put it down over a few weeks.

When I'm in the mood to doodle I can loose hours.
 This week has been a relatively quiet one. I'm recovering from  a nasty chest infection and J is back to hitting the books. So we have taken it easy(ish). I am getting better but am still full of it - lots of croaky voice and coughing and sneezing - but I feel OK now in myself.
Very little knitting or spinning (some but nothing worth showing). A little reading. A lot of grumping cos I do get grumpy when I'm out of sorts. I now have 5 projects under way - 2 gifts and 3 personal ones. I am finding it hard to settle. Perhaps that is because I know we're going away at the end of month and it is making me restless.
The weather has kept me in, as with this nasty bug, wind and wet are not conducive to recovery. I had intended to go for a long walk this afternoon but the coastal fog has eaten my world and where I live is enfold in a white damp blanket - again not kind to an inflamed chest.

All my chores are done, including the ironing, I'm not going out unless the fog clears .....time for a book or some knitting.

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