Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Change brings...


The weather changes, the outlook changes, the length of daylight changes and in our house people change. They become melancholic as summer fades. Sadly, this is not pleasant to live with. It is challenging on many levels. Their malady is not a sad wistfulness for another summer passed but often manifests in spite against the rest of us. It makes day to day living tiresome at best, at its worst unbearable. It is yet to reach its zenith, it will peak in October and then normal life will resume.

I used to love the change of seasons, summer to autumn in particular - now I dread them and wake up every morning weighted down by my own sense of sad that although the person affected owns this problem and when rational is aware of it - there is nothing I can do while they are in throes of it.

So it's heads down and battle through it.....again.....till winter and then till spring.........

I hate the unfairness of it. I hate the sense of unease it brings into our home. I hate the pointlessness of it. I hate my sense of powerlessness against it.

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