Friday, March 09, 2012

Books 31-33

 'Civil War Women' by Barbara Brackman
Format - book.

I re-found this book whilst searching through my patchwork books the other week.It was a Christmas present from M quite a few years ago - I knew I'd read it then but remembered very little so decided to re-visit it. Very glad I did. Historically interesting and very inspiring it provides history, background and quilting designs/projects.
'The Magic Toyshop' by Angela Carter
Format - book.

Another book re-visited following a brief chat with someone at knitting group about this author (she was local to SE England) this book has been read many times. It is a strange, disturbing yet compelling story and one that always engages and intrigues. If you've never read any of Angela Carter's work then this one is a good starting point. She isn't always an easy writer to read but her stories stay with you.

'The 9th Fortress' by J P Jackson
Format - Kindle

This was a free download. I found the synopsis interesting and decided to give it a go - very glad I did! It is quite a long book but the story telling keeps the pages turning and it isn't at all boring or dull. It does turn into a 'quest' type fantasy novel but it has enough differences to make it worth the read. It is also quite gory in places and although I sussed out the plot it was well written enough for to read it through to the end and feel very satisfied with how it all came together. Bloody good book and even better that is was a freebie.

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