Saturday, March 24, 2012


In a months time someone I've known for over 20 years will most probably be dead after failing to fight off cancer for a third time. He's not old, in the true sense of the word, late 50's, he leaves a wife and other family and a huge array of friends and neighbours all of whom will miss him. He was kind to J as a little tot, always friendly and always cheerful and will be missed.

And when I think of all the wasters, abusers and people who waste their lives for puerile things - I feel angry and sad that someone like him, who has used his life well and been such a good all round bloke, should have his time shortened. Someone who twice has beaten cancer and found the strength to come back and fight with all he had for round three - well to be honest it makes me sick.

It also makes me value, even more, my own life and family. Cherish every moment, no regrets and try to find positives in all the things that piss you off - cos it can all be snatched away on a flip of a coin.

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Anonymous said...

And spend the time you have now together. Helen