Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Poor neglected little blog

Time is flying by and I've been uber busy. To catch up. I finally finished this pair of socks that have been on the needles since April (details are on my Ravelry page). The pattern 'Show Off Stranded Socks' is designed to 'show off' hand dyed/variegated yarn and  on the legs it works but on both feet there was some serious pooling. I don't mind this and the socks are for me so it doesn't matter anyway....but I do kind of wished it hadn't.
Jubilee tiara for Lottie - she was unimpressed to say the least especially as the day before she got her first taste of live prey....she cornered and snapped at a mouse that Conkers had bought home to play with (3 mice in two days). She didn't hurt it, M rescued and released it, but she's been a bit hyper and trembley ever since.
 M cleaned out the spiders which enabled us to have a good close look at Tiny and by the looks of it (without shooting myself in the foot here) I'd say Tiny is a girl!
Working on some new own designs - quite happy with this - it's working name is 'The Orange Sock of Happiness'. Oh and I have gone all a bundle on bright orange and green. Bizarre how my colour tastes have changed a couple of years back I hated orange and always was drawn to pinks etc.
My never ending Pi shawl - this had to have some serious ripping back this week as I dropped two stitches (whilst moving between circs) right in the middle of a load of yarn overs and it could not be recovered in a 'tidy enough' way. Bit pissed off with it right now so have ignored it over the weekend and got on with some secret knitting instead.

Still reading for the 52 book challenge, even though I've passed book 52 already. Getting ready for our family holiday this month and M's and mine trip away - am excited.

That's all the blog worthy stuff for now.

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