Monday, June 25, 2012

A soggy interlude in Cumbria

 Over the last few day M and I have travelled 847 miles. We set out Thursday am and drove for around 7 hours to get to Cockermouth in Cumbria to go to Woolfest among other things. It rained as we came off the M6 toll and it didn't stop really.
Walking from our hotel to Woolfest is probably the wettest I have ever got in such a short space of time.....but it was worth it. I blew my wodge (been saving some pennies special like) and have posted piccies of my haul below.
We also took the opportunity to meet up with some friends in Cumbria  - one of these lovely ladies has a friend who breeds alpaca and she managed to get me a dark fleece for a price much cheaper than Woolfest - she also gave me her fawn fleece to prep and spin....I see a lot of spinning in my future.

We met up with some Border Terrier friends and their dogs at Grasmere- where I not only found the Herdy shop, mug above, which M got me as a little pressie but also one of my friends, who is a knitter, knit me a scarf. No-one knits for me! And I hate knitting scarfs so it really was an excellent gift. It is pretty and soft and come winter will get well worn!

Yarn purchases - all lace, 4 ply and sock weight.

 New spindle - had to try it out with the 100% Polwarth below - so well balanced it spins like a dream.

 More fibre goodness from DK FeltStudio UK. I bought a batt from her last time at Woolfest which was divine and I just could not resist these.
As we headed out of the Lake District via Windermere which looked very swollen - so much water everywhere. We headed south to the Midlands and our next overnight stop in Burton-on-Trent - this not only broke up our journey but put us in the area of Melton Mowbray where we met up with some more friends on Sunday (and some of them have Borders). We spent a lovely day with lovely people and their dogs finally heading off for the final leg of our journey home....we got in about about 9.00pm yesterday.

Spent a quiet one today....cast on a new project with some new yarn (bad Dobby) and cat napped and relaxed as much as possible. Still tired but an early night should solve that.

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