Friday, June 08, 2012

Socks of happy.....

 and mine are orange!
I had the idea for this pattern whilst knitting on something else (a shawl) and I wondered if I could make it I started playing with charts and numbers and after a little fiddling about I got it to fit and work in the round.

The gusset I borrowed from 'The Show-Off Stranded Socks' (see a previous post) but worked in moss stitch, it is a bit fiddly but it looks really good (imho). I tweeked the heel and the toes to get some balance and to continue the flow of pattern and on the whole I am happy with the outcome. Just need to write up the pattern properly now - made notes as I worked through both socks and the pattern seems to flow well.

The socks are knit in Opal Uni - in an orange that is very bright and makes me even happier - on two 2.5mm circs.

(pattern is copy right of 'Dogwomandon't Designs').

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