Monday, December 18, 2006

All P.C puppies look away NOW!

I love non-pc humour. I enjoy the odd sick joke (not racist or homophobic etc ones) but just kinda old fashioned risque/taking the piss humour.

Last night we went to see the 'D' (Tenacious D) in concert - they rocked! But they had on a warm up guy - the audience hated him, they pelted him with stuff, booed him and heckled. That said, M and I had read about him online, understood what he was about (which the rest of the audience obviously didn't) and found him funny. He was meant to be the worst comedian, with the worst jokes - that was the act. They say Americans don't get English humour/irony - well last night was role reversal. Anyhoo here is his opening joke - I roared.

Those of a PC disposition - look away - and why did you ignore the warning and read this far - you goons?!

What do you call an OAP who displays their genitalia in public?


Thank you and g'night.