Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The last of the Xmas knitathon!

So the slog is (almost) over. Here are the last two to be completed. Ma's Mono scarf - knitted in Rowan Tapestry.
A snakey mate for J - as requested by himself way back in the Summer. I thought he'd forgotten but no - subtle hints etc have been dropped for the last few weeks. It's made from scraps - acrylic no less ;0)
A distance shot of Ma's scarf. You can see the colour repeats much better.

So I have now knitted - 2 pairs of child socks, 1 pair of adult socks, 1 pair of pomatomus, Ma's scarf, J's snake, two hats, and two pairs of gifty fuzzy feet. Along with this for myself I have finished my ripple socks and completed Shedir. I also have 2/3 of a wavy and 1/2 a pair of lace socks to finish off. I am so looking forward to just knitting for pleasure again. Just a couple of last minute wash cloths and I'm free!!

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