Saturday, December 16, 2006

Beany goodness and other tales.

A little while ago I sent the effervescent and delicious Bean some Opal dye-your-own sock yarn. This week she sent me some wonderful Knitpicks sock yarn in return. She also sent a groovy card, a cute book mark and a heavenly smelling apple and cinnamon candle. One thing I love about being sent sock yarn is the colours that people choose for me, Beanie chose a colourway that I might have overlooked but you know it is absolutely gorgeous (picture does not do it justice at all). I can't wait to knit it and am exercising huge self control not to ball it up and cast on TODAY!! So a humungus Big Up to LaBean - thank you - you rock!
Ok do you ever have those knitting moments when you just need to knit something instant and maybe just a bit different? I jokingly offered to knit J an nose warmer and he said "Yes!" So yesterday after lunch I spent 30 mins on this, never dreaming he's actually wear it. During the evening I glanced across the lounge to the computer, where J was surfing for yet more info on anything James Bond, and almost spat my coffee across the room. He was wearing his nose warmer - it looks even funnier/cuter from the side. The nose warmer also got used as a kitty hat by Conkers who sadly decided against posing for a photo as it might ruin his street cred. J has no such pretensions - lol.

Other stuff.

We lost one the dachshunds this week. Ma's baby - Blossom - fondly known as 'The Bog-eyed Jog' or 'Boggle' or 'Rat' or 'SB' (spoilt bastard). She'd been rather poorly for about 10 days or so - the vet tried everything but on Friday 15th decided they could do no more and she was put to sleep. Ma is bearing up well. Winnie, Blossie's brother, who we thought might pine hasn't really noticed she's gone, he's blind and deaf and in his own little world. Boobles has looked for her a couple of times where her bed used to be. It was a tough call to make but sadly one that was needed. We have lost 4 pets this year, Busters, Pixie, Phido and Blossie and we lost same amount the year before, Poppy, Kodo, Fudgie-wudgie and Fluffy. Sometimes I wonder why I put myself through this, then Boobles wags and Conkers purrs and I remember that on many levels it is worth it.

I have had two chest infections. Am finally getting over the 2nd one. J must have cabin fever because I've been so ill this week we only got out once. Mind you it was to his favourite Indian restaurant for a meal so he didn't mind too much. He's been a good boy about it and very understanding - sometimes I feel blessed - just because he can be so adult and caring and totally unselfish.

Bah Humbug - that's all I can say about Christmas this year - M's family - nightmare!!!

Knitting - not as much as I'd like considering I've been stuck indoors. Would you believe my luck? But last Sunday I strained my right hand and wrist - loads of Tiger Balm and pain killers and 48hrs+ rest and could knit again. So apart from the nose warmer, I've managed 1 wash cloth, 1 pair of mittens and 1/2 a sock and that's it.

Tomorrow we're off to see Tenancious D at the Centre - really looking forward to it.

Next week is busy but at the end of it - M is off until the New Year and NOT on call for Xmas - first time that has occurred in years - and that is the best and only Xmas pressie I want, a whole 10 days of me darlin man being at home. Mind you, now I just have to work out what to do/buy for his birthday on 31/12 *sigh* I am stumped this year.

We also have booked to go away 'en famille' in February for my 40th - just what I wanted. Not presents and party but a relaxing break with my 2 best boys - am looking forward to it very much.

To cap it all off - this mega catch up post - here follows a handy tip from that ole book again.

Picked at random.

Linen: - To remove iron-mould. Spread a thick paste of salt and lemon over the stain and put in the sun to dry.

There you go - simple when you know the way - WTF is iron-mould?


Zonda said...

Lovely goodies there! The nose warmer is the cutest!! Glad you are feeling better! :)

Faerynuff said...

DH is getting a nosewarmer in his stocking.

Hope you're feeling better :)