Monday, February 12, 2007

And there's more!

This Squirrel was so tame and bold. I know loads of peeps don't like em, call em vermin, but I love em!
Giant Redwoods. They have 14 of them in this one planting - all just over a 100 years old, so still babies but very impressive. We did a Ranger Ramble - the guy who took us made it very informative and we learnt loads about these amazing trees as well as loads of other stuff and he included a few Ray Mears moments - who knew that gorse flowers tasted like peapods!
Here is the brave little Roe Deer from my previous post - the green leaf emblem is on the patio doors, so you can see just how close he got!

Other News!

We got back to Brighton Friday afternoon and Friday evening heralded the arrival the the wonderfully sparkly Glittrgirl and the serene-but-funny Suemoon from the KnittyBoard to stay for the weekend. They bought us wonderful gifties (no piccies -sorry- remiss I know) I got sockies of rare beauty, a sushi bag of pinky glory for my sock knitting, yummy soap and a tres groovy knitting t-shirt. Glittr also supplied us with Sailor Jerry Rum - Ooooooo heaven in a glass and cocktail cuties for our drinks. We had a great weekend - good food, fun, knitting, a knitting and stitching show and plenty of booze. These two wonderful ladies are very good company and sitting around first thing Sat/Sun am in jammies knitting socks - was a treat :0) A BIG BOLD "Thank You!" to M for all his hard work. Me Darlin Man did everything this weekend - all cooking, cleaning, laundry, child minding, ironing, drink making and general host duties so I could be totally free to laze about and enjoy KnittyPal time - he is 1 in a million - I count my blessings daily - even when he drives me nuts. Without his work this weekend - I wouldn't have had as much fun!

Yarn pR0n piccies of Saturday purchases will follow later in the week - bamboo and silk sock yarn and .......wait for it....... silk and cashmere Handmaiden!

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