Thursday, February 15, 2007

Guess what I knitted?

No prizes if you said "Socks!" Pair number one are plain with a twisted rib heel in Opal sock yarn (can't remember the colourway - but is was on sale last year at Get Knitted). I normally have a plain pair on the go as they are invaluable as travel knitting etc.

Finally, not a great piccie, but these Monkey by Cookie at Knitty . The yarn is the KnitPicks Merino sent to me by Tamara This yarn is lovely and soft with good bounce and these socks are destined for my walking boots and many camping trips this spring and summer. The Monkey pattern is brill and I look forward to knitting it again...soon!
Right all up to many posts in so many days *sigh*.
I need the weekend to recover. Some chance as I intend to PARTAY all weekend and in the words of Rowley Birken QC (fast show) "Get very, very drunk!" Cos that is the best way to see in the big 40!
Wish me fun and frolics all the way.


Zonda said...

Have a Happy Birthday Weekend!

Great job on your socks! :)

gourdongirl said...

I just love these sox, I've been thinking of doing the Monkey pattern from knitty in stripes, wasn't sure how it would look, but I like it.


LaBean said...

Forgive me for not commenting sooner. I'm glad you love the yarn!! may your socks be forever comfy!! Even with a bad pic, they look great!!